A Refurbishment Project That Made Sense

RENCOR received an order for an 8” automated ball valve. Starting with a Velan valve and a Bettis actuator, we proceeded to customize the assembly. An extended mounting bracket and a heat shield were added to protect the actuator from the high temperature process line where it was to be installed.

As it turned out, the valve wasn’t installed by the customer right away, and was put into storage. Over a period of two years, and in storage conditions that were far from ideal, the valve fell into a state of disrepair. It was returned to RENCOR for refurbishing. (see "Received" photo)

When we got it back into our shop, the valve was disassembled and inspected. A leak test was performed to ensure that the tight shut off had not been compromised. The torque of the valve was tested to ensure that neither damage nor corrosion had increased the torque to higher than manufacturer’s standards. The valve was reassembled with a shorter bracket, per the customer’s request based on modified clearance in their process. A cycle test was performed to check actual assembly performance. Lastly, a new paint job rounded out the refurbishment of the valve and it was returned to the customer, ready once again for installation.

Pre-refurbished valve
After Refurbishment Valve

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