Application Notes and Case Studies from RENCOR Controls

Below are links to application notes and case studies of unique, interesting and challenging projects that Rencor has worked on over the years.

A Refurbishment Project That Made Sense
A repair success story.

Using a Less Expensive Ball Valve as a Control Valve
Low Cost , High Performance, BETTER Control.

Lime Silo Bottom Outlet Screw Feeder Isolation
Engineering a better solution.

Baby Food Application Needs Tough Valve
The USA's second largest baby food producer came to RENCOR to recommend the proper valve for a tough application.

Fast Acting, High Temperature, Dry Gas Application
Overcoming a tough service on high metal seated ball valves.

Cryogenic Skids Delivered for Pre-fab Automation
An example of a cyrogenic application and solution.

An Alternative to Safety Relief Valves
Using a Safety Trip Stop instead.

RENCOR Perfects Ball Valve Repair
Use valve repair as a strategy to double the life of a valve.

RENCOR Reduces Plant Spare Parts Costs
Saving customer's money.

Solving Problems: Minor Solvent Spills
Spring loaded handle to stops leaks.

24 Inch Triple Offset Valve for Paper Mill Application
Velan and Rencor 24" Triple Offset Valve.

Fail Freeze Positioner Control Valve
A "fail-'freeze" application.

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