ROTEX DRS Scotch Yoke Actuators

ROTEX DRV ActuatorModularity

Three parts - frame, spring, and air cylinder - modifications are simple and quick!

Welded spring modules, for complete safety.

Springs or cylinders can be removed from frame module without disassembling the frame module.

Conversion from spring return to double acting is EASY!


Optional hydraulic override can be included or added later.

Converting from fail closed to fail open is easily done in the field.

Extra heavy duty travel adjustment bolts offer +/- 10% adjustment; for high speed impacts, no special end stops required.

  • Guaranteed for 1 million cycles!
  • Exclusive X-Seals on pistons and V-Seals on the shafts out perform standard O-rings.
  • Yoke is supported by life time lubricated ball bearings.
  • Oversized dual tie rods are internal to the cylinder to eliminate corrosion.
  • Tie rods pass through the pistons through solid bearings, X-seals not conventional O-rings -
  • better alignment, lower friction, and smoother operation.
  • Yoke thrust pin is case hardened for higher output torques.
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