ROTEX Limit Switches

ROTEX Limit SwitchRotex Limit Switches are designed to last and meet your required service conditions. The Weather Proof Switches feature an aluminum die cast enclosure that is powder coated for superior corrosion resistance resulting in a weather proof enclosure to IP67. Color coded cams are easy to identify and easy to set and the serrated cams lock together to ensure secure adjustment settings against any vibration. Conduit options include 1/2" NPT and M20 X 1.5, and mountings comply to the Namur standard with bracket available as an option. Solenoid termination inside the switch box, and three conduit entries is standard. These switches are certified CU, UL, CE, ATEX, CMRI, and CMRI CCOE, and can be orderd as explosion proof and intrinsically safe.

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