Cryogenic Valves

Habonim Valves
Habonim 3 piece cryogenic ball valve
Habonim's Cryogenic ball valves consistently exhibit high flow capacity, tight shutoff, energy efficiency and long service life. The result is a product unmatched in reliability, stability and most importantly, safety, for use in air separation plants, LNG storage, distribution and transportation, aerospace, petrochemical and medical industries.

Habonim Valves
Samson cryogenic valve
Do you get the shivers everytime you have to select a valve for cold box applications?

Cool down... with SAMSON's Type 3248 Cryogenic Valve, temperatures down to -320 °F (-196 °C) will be covered. With an extended isolating section, the actuaton and accessories are protected from catching a cold. And thanks to the service-free bellows seal, all maintenance can be done with a cool smile. Don't jump into the cold by yourself, let SAMSON's experience help solve the problem.

Habonim Valves
Velan Cryogenic
Resilient-seated ball valves featuring Memoryseal seating technology, low emissions packing chambers, and other value-added technical features provide superior performance. Velan offers options for cryogenic service for the split body and top entry style valves.

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