Memoryseal Ball Valves

Memory seal ball valvesResilient-seated ball valves featuring Memoryseal seating technology, low emissions packing chambers, and other value-added technical features for superior performance.

Securaseal Metal-Seated Ball Valves

Securaseal high performance ball valvesSevere service metal-seated ball valves for high temperature, abrasive and corrosive applications.

Torqseal Triple-offset Butterfly Valves

Torqseal zero leakage valvesBi-directional, zero-leakage, triple-offset butterfly valves.

Valvac General Purpose Ball Valves

Valvac general purpose ball valvesResilient-seated ball valves for general use and commodity applications.

VTP-2000 High Performance Three-piece Ball Valves

3 piece ball valveA fire safe resilient-seated ball valve, ideal for use in a wide range of applications.

Power Ball Valves

Power ball valvesThe rugged, one-piece, forged Power ball valve, is built to take the toughest steam isolation applications in your plant – vent, drain, blowoff, intermittent blowdown – with the performance and reliability that you have come to expect from Velan.

HP Series Forged Ball Valves

High pressure forged ball valveHigh pressure forged ball valves ideally suited for the oilfield market. This product is available with a variety of seat materials and end connections to service other high pressure markets.

Velflex High Performance Cryogenic Butterfly Valves

Velflex cryogenic valveHigh performance cryogenic metal-seated butterfly valves featuring Velflex flexible metallic seating technology.

Cap-Tight Batch Digester Valves

Cap-Tight Digester valveThe Cap-Tight batch digester capping valve delivers outstanding performance and exceptional reliability, because of its unique design. It was developed using more than 25 years of experience in the application of automated capping. Every component of this valve has been carefully designed to deliver maximum safety, reliability, ease of operation and long service life.

Coker Ball Valves

Coker Slurry Ball ValveA world-leading range of ball valves for delayed coking and other high temperature slurry applications.

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