About RENCOR Controls

Rencor Controls, Inc. is a progressive, high-tech company poised to meet the demands of the evolving Automated Controls industry. Rencor is one of the New England's largest and most experienced valve automation specialists and valve systems fabricators. From their expansive manufacturing facility located in Ft. Edward, NY, Rencor will expertly engineer, design, fabricate, and ship automated valve packages anywhere on the globe.

CEO Message
The last seven words of a dying company are, "We have always done it that way".

To our loyal customers over the years, we appreciate the opportunity to do business with you and the orders you have given us. For the people who haven't tried Rencor as a viable business solution, we think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Mission Statement
Today, at any time, day or night, you can get a control valves or automated ball valves delivered directly to you! When you need it and you need it perfect . . . Rencor Controls will deliver.

Company Background
Rencor Controls was founded in 1985 by Corey Simpson and Pat Herlihy; formerly regional managers for Fisher Controls' Posi-Seal Division. Corey and Pat felt there was a need for high quality, quickly delivered Control and Automated Valves in the New England area. Most of the customers they spoke to felt that the products they purchased were good, but lacked the required response time (fast delivery to meet crucial schedule requirements), and of course, affordable pricing.

With this market strategy in mind, Rencor began the search to represent control valve companies ( Samson, Cashco, Velan, etc.) that had the same philosophy that the customer's needs came first! The first product line that Rencor picked up was the Samson Control Valve line.A worldwide company that had started to expand its operations in North America and was driven by the same conviction to the customer's concerns and needs as Rencor.

Since that time, Rencor Controls has grown from 2 dedicated men to 10+ employees and $6,000,000 in sales. Rencor still continues its firm customer first philosophy and continues to inventory and stock all of the product they represent.
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