BLX Valve Accessories & Controls

BLX is an independent manufacturer of valve accessories and controls for the process industry.

BLX products include a complete line of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic positioners and related accessories. Various actuator mounting kits are stocked and special mounting applications will be considered.

The modular design of the V100P and V100E means that we can be very flexible, cost effective, and provide solutions to variety of control applications. The unique combination of only 3-4 key internal components, but ability to meet the most depending industry performance specifications, provide customers in all industry a truly user friendly product that performs extremely well.

BLX positionerV100P, V100E, V100E IS,
V100E NI, V100E EX, V100E FF, V200

BLX FeedbackFeedback
R100, R300


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